Our Team

Surf & Sun have an awesome passionate team that live, breath and dream about surfing! With multiple state champions and coaches with teaching degrees Surf & Sun have your learn to surf experience covered. They also teach surf lessons South Australia to almost all age groups. Creating a fun filled and friendly learning environment for all students is what our team does the best. We make it a point to make our team of surfing instructor be trained on the proper conduct of classes. Only qualified surf instructors handles surfing lessons for every program in Surf and Sun Australia.

Our friendly staff and instructors will surely take care of you once you attend one of our surfing programs in any locations in South Australia. With Surf and Sun Australia, you are surely in good hands.

Here are a few of the team - we are always adding team members so keep an eye out for new coaches!

  • Luke Talbot-Male photo
    Luke Talbot-Male
    Managing Director
    • Surfed for over 30 years
    • Surfed and travelled all over the globe
    • Surf coaching since 2001
    • Started Surf & Sun in 2001
    • Is passionate about surfing, the beach and making the world more fun!
  • Gary 'Howie' Haworth photo
    Gary 'Howie' Haworth
    Manager / Level 2 Coach
    • Manager at Surf & Sun since 2014
    • 6x open State Surf Champion - South Australia
    • Level 2 surf coach
    • 3rd in Australian Surf Titles in 2015
    • Loves Surfing, travelling, hanging out with family and friends
  • Mitch Carvalho photo
    Mitch Carvalho
    Marketing Manager
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2018
    • Is passionate about all things marketing and fun
    • Loves hanging with her family and friends!
  • Brett Mugford photo
    Brett Mugford
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2005
    • Surfed all over the globe including Fiji, NZ, Thailand, Samoa, Tonga, Indo, USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Equador, Brazil, France and Spain
    • Honours Recreation Management
    • Loves seeing crew develop to the stokedom of standing on a board
  • Nick Moore photo
    Nick Moore
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2014
    • Surfed all over the globe
    • Has a degree in Eco Tourism
    • Loves being at the beach and in the water as it's such an awesome place to work
    • Loves seeing the crew in lessons so happy as it offers a positive experience every day.
  • Jamie Buchanan photo
    Jamie Buchanan
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2012
    • Learnt to surf with Surf & Sun!
    • Womens long board state champion 2014 and 2015
    • Loves teaching the young surf groms and sharing the fun of surfing
    • Has represented SA in National surf comps
  • Justin Monaghan photo
    Justin Monaghan
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2009
    • Surfed all over the world
    • Head Surf Judge South Australia 2010-2015
    • Loves surf coaching and sharing the stoke with crew that are surfing for the first time!
  • Alex Novak photo
    Alex Novak
    Surf Coach
    • Worked with Surf & Sun since 2016
    • Surfed all over the world
    • Surf Coaches in summer and then snow boarding in winter
    • Loves surf coaching as there is no better feeling than riding moving water and sharing the stoke.
  • Tim Yates photo
    Tim Yates
    Surf Coach
    • Worked with Surf & Sun since 2015
    • Always smiling, stoked and frothing on teaching surfing!
    • Runner up - Surf coach of the year 2018 for Surfing Australia
    • Loves surfing and teaching surfing - especially with the young kids!
  • Elise Tuuri photo
    Elise Tuuri
    Surf coach
    • Worked with Surf & Sun since 2016
    • Has Honours in Marine Biology
    • Loves surf coaching as she is in the outdoors and teaching people how to surf!
  • Khi Williams photo
    Khi Williams
    Surf Coach
    • Worked with Surf & Sun since 2018
    • Competed at National level
    • Always frothin on surfing!
  • Lachlan 'Lachy' Schultz photo
    Lachlan 'Lachy' Schultz
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2015
    • Surfed all over Australia
    • Loves giving back to the community and sharing the surfing stoke
    • Level 1 surf coach
    • Loves the thrill of teaching someone else the feeling of riding a wave!
  • Jack Buchanan photo
    Jack Buchanan
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2016
    • Judged Phillip Island National Junior Comps
    • Avid musician, check out his music on itunes!
    • Loves teaching surfing as he gets to help them stand on a surf board for the 1st time!
  • Martin Carlson photo
    Martin Carlson
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2015
    • Avid waterman that loves all things to do with the ocean
    • Has been a professional aquatic instructor for 20 years
  • Mick Newport photo
    Mick Newport
    Surf coach
    • Qualified school teacher
    • Surfed all over the world
    • 2012 Club Champion for the Seaford Boardriders
    • Loves coaching as it allows him to be outdoors to see people get stoked on surfing for the first time!
  • Braydon Arbon photo
    Braydon Arbon
    Business Development
    • Surfing for 15 years
    • Learn to surf near Port Lincoln
    • Passionate about sport of any kind!
  • Andy Manners photo
    Andy Manners
    Surf coach / Videographer
    • Degree in film making
    • Surfed all over Australia
    • Made numerous surf movies @ stateofsurf.com.au
    • Loves surf coaching and film making as he gets to share the fun of surfing
  • Britt Clake photo
    Britt Clake
    Surf coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2017
    • Has surfed and travelled in Australia and O/S
    • Has worked in the Outdoor Ed industry since 2013
    • Loves surf coaching as it is fun, outdoors and makes people happy!
  • Kerrie Ann Moon photo
    Kerrie Ann Moon
    Office Team
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2018
    • Grew up on the South Coast competing as a Surf Life Saver
    • Swim Coach and Degree in Sport, Health and Physical Activity
    • Loves life, having fun and hanging at the beach!
  • Dave Walker photo
    Dave Walker
    Surf Coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2014
    • Qualified School Teacher
    • Surfed all over the world
    • Loves surf coaching and anything outdoors!
  • Jesse Downes photo
    Jesse Downes
    Surf Coach
    • Worked at Surf & Sun since 2018
    • Qualified Chef
    • Loves anything to do with the ocean and the beach!

Looking for a Tour Guide or Surf Coach Career?

Surf & Sun are always looking for motivated, enthusiastic people to join our team!

If you are a people person, enjoy nature and the outdoors, have an interest in the ocean and outback and enjoy being around people from all over the world then Surf & Sun may have the position you are looking for!

Tour Guides require...

  • LR or MR Truck LIcense
  • First Aid Certificate
  • LP Driver Accreditation
  • Current Police Clearance Certificate

Surf  Instructors Require

  • Level 1 Surf Coaching Certificate
  • Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate
  • Current Police Clearance Certificate

If you believe that you have the skills and personality to work for Surf & Sun please send your resume's to [email protected]