Choosing the right board

24 February, 2013

Luke Talbo-Male - surf lessons Middleton

Having the right board is so very important in surfing.  There are also so many factors to take into account including:

  • Your body size/shape
  • Your Ability
  • The waves you are surfing (i.e. a board for surf lessons Middleton will not necessarily work for waves in Indo)
  • The size of waves
  • The distance you have to paddle to get to the wave
  • The type of wave
  • The heaviness of the wave

Most experienced surfers have a range of surfboards in their quiver.  Many quivers would include some or all of the following:

  • Fish - great for fat and small surf
  • Short board - great for medium sized hollow waves
  • Semi Gun - for barrelling waves that are reasonable in size
  • Gun - for the larger days when you want a lot of speed and be able to get to your feet later
  • Malibu - for the really small days or for fat waves (also good for all types of waves if a Mal is your preferred choice of board)
  • Softie - great for learner family, friends etc to have a go on
  • SUP - Stand up Paddle Board for the small and flat days (unless it becomes your thing!). Here is a tutorial on how to do SUP in a right way.

Choosing the right surfboard is so important - it really deserves alot of research.  Try as many boards as you can - see which ones you like.  Get advice from a reputable surf shop or surf school.

When you get the right board - surfing can be so much more enjoyable and your surfing can improve dramatically.

See you in the water!


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