How to surf videos with Surf & Sun

Welcome to our "How to" series of surf videos!

When you can't get to the beach but is thinking about surfing why not learn to surf from your home with our helpful videos! Surf and Sun Australia have produced some instructional materials that will help beginners on how to catch waves, select a surfboard and put on a legrope. All this and more are available in this page.

You’ll surely learn some basic stuff about surfing by watching these videos. Try taking notes and you can practice the tips you’ve jotted down once you have the opportunity to go out in the waters for a session of swimming and paddling through the waters with your board.

The videos we have on this page are continually updated. You can also find stuff about surfboards! Check out what boards will be best to buy. Our friendly team will keep on adding more videos so keep checking here regularly.

Cant find the topic you are looking for?

Let us know - and we will aim to make it on the next shoot we do!