How to Stand Up Paddle Board information Part 5

12 May, 2013

Stand up paddle boarding

Techniques – On the Water cont…

Paddleboarding Turns

There are several ways to turn a paddleboard.

  • Sidestroke: One easy method to is to simply paddle on one side until the nose turns in the direction you want to go. Paddle on the left if you want to turn right, or paddle on the right if you want to turn left.
  • Backpaddle: Drag the paddle or paddle backwards on either side of the board for a fast way to turn or reverse direction.
  • Sea ("c") stroke:  Sometimes called a ‘sweep stroke’ - Plant your paddle towards the front of the board and take a long sweeping stroke towards the tail.

Other tips:

  • It helps to look in the direction of your turn or step back on the board.
  • For another turn that works well in surf, is to paddle on your dominant side (left foot forward, paddle on your right side). Put more weight on your back foot and really bend your knees.  This allows the board to pivot and turn quickly.

These techniques inpaddleboarding will surely help you to be a professional surfers.  I assure you that.  If you have time here are some how to surf videos for beginners. You can also grab some surf lessons Moana and be the best

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