How to Stand Up Paddle Boarding information Part 3

28 April, 2013

stand up paddle surfing lesson

How to carry your Paddleboard to the water

Carrying can be a breeze if your stand up paddleboard has a built-in handle.  Lean the board on its rail (edge) reach for the handle and tuck the board under one arm. You can carry your paddle with the other hand. Or else use both hands on the handle of the paddleboard, and carry the paddle separately.

If your paddleboard has no handle, you can easily carry your board on your head. Here's how;

  • Stand the board upright on its tail (bottom end) with the deck (top of the board) facing you.
  • Grasp the rails (the sides of the board) with both hands.
  • Walk yourself under the board so that your head is about halfway between the nose (front) and the tail (end).
  • Stand upright with the board overhead, holding by the rails.
  • Squat down and pick up your paddle.  Carry it alongside the board.
  • Now head for the water, you will find it rewarding!

Calm Water for learning to Paddleboard

It's best to start out in safe conditions: flat, calm water that's free of obstacles, like buoys, rocks and boats.   

Mounting the Paddleboard

As a beginner, it can be easier to kneel on the board and progress standing upright. A few pointers to get you started are;

  • Place your paddle across the deck of the board.   Stand alongside the board and use it as an outrigger.
  • With one hand holding the paddle grip and the other hand holding the board.
  • Using a kneeling position, pop yourself onto the board, just behind the centre point of the board.
  • Feel for the balance point of the board from that kneeling position. The nose shouldn't pop up out of the water and the tail shouldn't dig in.
  • You can keep your hands on either side of the board to stabilize it.

When you’re ready to progress to a standing position on the board, stand up one foot at a time. Simply place your feet where your knees were. You could also have a friend to wade out about knee-deep with your board, to stabilize the board as you get the hang of standing on it.  This tutorial will help you how to be an effective surfer.

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