Surfing in South Australia

3 March, 2013

learn to surf australia

I have been surfing in South Australia since I was 8 years old so coming up to 30 years on a surf board.  Even after all these years - I still can't get enough of it!  That is the thing about surfing, once you have the bug, it can become an addiction that can take over your life.  I was lucky and turned my surfing bug into my job when I started Surf & Sun back in October 2001.

As far as surf school South Australia goes, we have some of the greatest waves on the planet in SA.

  • Close to Adelaide - The Fleurieu Peninsula - There are many exciting things to do in Fleurieu Peninsula aside from surfing. Middleton is great for beginners through to advanced and is known for rolling waves, that are often described as fat but you can still get waves here nearly every day of the year.  Generally close to Adelaide, the more advanced surfers go to Waitpinga and Parsons as the wave shape there is much better and the waves have more power.  The Mid Coast of SA has excellent waves when there is swell - there are great reef breaks.  The biggest problem is that Kangaroo Island stops much of the swell hitting this section of coast making the area fickle.
  • Kangaroo Island - This place is amazing.  Their are great waves here - even to be described as world class on their day.  People often talk about the big creatures that swim below due to the large amount of seals and the like, but it is worth the paddle!  There are numerous spots throughout the island - it is a back to basics place that you can explore and surf uncrowded waves - often the locals are looking for someone to surf with.
  • Limestone Coast - Robe, Beachport, Port MacDonnell all have great waves.  Close to my heart my Dad first took me surfing there when I was 8 on my first board - a 6'0" Hot Buttered single fin.  I learnt to surf at Browns Beach near Mt Gambier.  The Limestone coast has great oportunity to surf uncrowded waves, you need a 4WD for some places and you need to be willing to surf alone!
  • Yorke Peninsula - this place has amazing surf, there are waves for all abilities and it is only 3-4 hours away from Adelaide.  My mates and I used to go here for day trips - the surf is that good.  When there is swell - there are lefts, rights, reef breaks, beach breaks - the place has it all.  Once you progress down the surfing cycle and you are feeling farily competent try this place!
  • Eyre Peninsula - The waves here are what you dream of.  Heavy, perfect and no one out.  The west coast is not for the faint hearted, the waves have alot of power, they are hollow and you can really get pounded if you are not on your game.  Some mates and I spent around 4 months driving between Pt Lincoln and Ceduna when I was in my early 20's (you can do it in a day) and surfed nearly every place on that stretch of coast - the waves are perfect on their day - the landscape is rugged and the locals are protective.  Be very respectful here to both the locals and the ocean.

I know this is only a snapshot - but all in all SA has all you need in the way of surfing, apart from the cold water in winter where you need a 4/3, booties and sometimes a hoodie, it is a great place to learn to surf, advance your skills and then tackle the heavy stuff.  South Australia Surf caters for all.

So get out there and explore!  Luke

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