How to choose a beginner surfboard

27 October, 2014


As a surfer you will not need much, at the very minimum all you need is a surfboard and a wave! As a beginner, you should not be riding the same shape of surfboard as an experienced surfer. To improve your surfing and help you choose a suitable surfboard shape for your ability, ask yourself... what standard am I at? how often do I surf? and what are the waves like where I surf? 

As a beginner to intermediate surfer the 2 type of boards most suitable would be a “longboard” or “minimal”. These types of surfboards are generally very user friendly as they are both very wide “approx. 20”+”, have a center thickness approx. 2 ½”thick, and greater thickness in the rail area giving stability. With lengths ranging from 7’ – 9’these types of surfboards are best suited at this level.

When choosing a surfboard remembers the LONGER – THICKER – WIDER the board the easier it will be to catch and ride waves!

Surfboards are also more users friendly and we recommend these as your first board. In the event that your surfboard does hit you these boards being of a boogie board type material will be a lot softer on the body.

How to choose the right surfboard?” is the next question that you need to ask to yourself.  This question should not take long time.  There are many surfboards that are available online.  All you need is to browse the internet and find the best surfing board that you think suited to your taste.

If you should have any queries we are here 7 days a week for advice.

Happy surfing !!



The Surf and Sun Team

Softlite Surfboards are our preferred board


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