Surfing Competition Rules

12 February, 2014

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Surfing competitions came about in the 60's and in which, it turned into an industry. Wanna be an expert? try surf lessons South Australia

Many considered surfing to be an art form - a way to express one's creative and athletic impulses carved on the oceans surface.

Surfing Judges follow the basic principle in surfing in which the contestant who surfs the wave with the most control, speed and power in the most critical section will receive the highest score.  Surfers are not judged on style unless it interferes with the control, power or speed.

Scores are out of 10, starting at .5 for someone that got to their feet, up to a 10 for someone that surfed the wave as perfectly as they could.

The secret with judging is consistency.  If you give a 6.5 for a wave with 3 maneuvers, then repeat that score the next time someone completes 3 maneuvers.  Judges need to keep a fixed memory on the first wave of the day, as that is the benchmark for the remainder of the contest.

In a surf competition, there is an order and the surfer closest to the peak has priority.  At a beach break with more than one peak, the surfer that gets to their feet first is the one to watch.  If a surfer drops in or "interferes", then that surfer loses his highest scoring wave - most likely resulting in a loss.

Judges must never guess - only score what you see and let the averaging process work out the rest - that is why there are multiple judges.

Surfing competitions like these have rules to follow to avoid hazards. Personally I am not into competition surfing as I like the freedom of "Soul" Surfing. For me, it is more about being out in nature, at one with the ocean and enjoying the adventure that surfing provides.  

Catch you in the water soon!



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