Daly Head Surfing Reserve - The first in South Australia

30 June, 2015

Great waves in Yorkes

On January 12, 2013, the official dedication ceremony was held and inducted Daly Head as South Australia's first official surfing reserve.

Daly Head was discovered 50 years ago by a group of surfers who are in search of dream surf breaks on Yorkes Peninsula, South Australia.  The beach had been accessed through scrub and farmers land.

The National Surfing Reserve criteria include:

  • High quality surf
  • Highly regarded by the local and National surfing community
  • Long term usage of the beach and wave environment by the community

Around 200 people joined the organizing group (From Bay Environmental Action Group) in celebration of the first SA surfing reserve.

The surf in the Daly Head is fantastic. The area offers a great surf lessons South Australia and has plenty of surf spots and quality reef breaks including Daly Head, Salmon Hole and Rock Pools.

Most serious South Australian surfers have made the trip to Yorkes at some point in their surfing career, with many of them doing the trip every weekend when the surf is on or even just for the day.

Yorkes is around 3.5 hours from Adelaide and offers loads of world class breaks.

Keen to visit Yorkes? Why not join our weekend Yorkes surf safari. You can explore and enjoy the great surfing location in Yorkes Peninsula by yourself or you can get your family and friends to come along with you. Surf and Sun Australia offers a lot of packages that can accommodate your desired number of participants.

The locals and tourists that visit the Daly Head Surfing Reserve all said that they’ve had a great surfing experience in the area. You too can surf in the great beaches when visiting Yorkes Peninsula, or you can just allow Surf and Sun to take you there. Give us a call today and inquire about the surfing packages we have available that includes Daly Head. Click here for more details!

*Image credit to: Craig Brokensha

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