How to fall off a surfboard safely - surf tip with Surf & Sun

1 January, 1970

surf lessons at Middleton and Moana

This instructional video from Surf and Sun Australia will teach you a safety trick on falling off a surfboard. The precise maneuvers when falling off a surfboard is also discussed here. Risks can be eliminated if you learn how to safely fall off your surfboard at the right time.

Keep in mind that the sport will not be dangerous if you learn the proper precautions which are observed by the pros as well. Allow this video to teach you how you can be protected by the elements around you when you are in the danger of falling off your board. Keep safe from surfing hazards and watch this video now!

Our amazing surf lessons Middleton and Moana teach these techniques which include:

00:00:15 - Welcome to Surfing tip of the week

Welcome to surfing tip of the week with Surf and Sun. Today we’re gonna talk about how to correctly fall off your surfboard. This isn’t always possible, but  when ideal situations when you fall off a surfboard. We’re gonna go through a couple of techniques on how to fall off.

00:00:29 - When you fall off your surfboard

Firstly, when you fall off the surfboard ideally, if you could fall off to the back of the board backwards and just try and lie flat. Instead of falling forwards. Obviously if fall off forwards you can hit something underneath, if it’s very shelly, if you hit the bottom you can injure your hands, your legs, your wrist. So ideally you want to fall backwards.

00:00:48 - Another thing to be mindful of

Another thing you wanna be mindful of when you fall off too is your head. make sure you cover your head as well. One of most important parts of your body. If the surfboard did happen to hit you, if you cover your head and it did hit, it’s only going to hit your arms and not your head at all

00:01:00 - Falling technique recap

So a couple of ways to fall off there is to make sure you’re falling backwards, cover your head and you'll have a great time.

Hope these tips were useful and you enjoyed another surf tip of the week with Surf & Sun.

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