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1 January, 1970

group surf lesson on surfboard types

Join a surf lesson with Surf & Sun at Middleton and you will discover how to identify a surfing hazard - a helpful surf safety tip.

Surfing hazards include:

  • Rocks
  • Rips
  • Other surfers
  • Marine life
  • Reef
  • Dumping waves
  • Strong winds
  • Lightening
  • and more.

00:00:15 - Welcome to Surfing tip of the week

Welcome to surfing tip of the week with Surf and Sun. Today we’re gonna talk about hazards when you’re out in the ocean and when you’re surfing.

00:00:22 - Beach breaks

Predominantly most of the out beach breaks you won’t find any hazards, they are just nice sandy beaches. But as you can see behind us today, we are at the Middleton beach and we’ve got a few hazards here today.

00:00:32 - Rocks around the area

Firstly as you can see behind me, there are lots of rocks in the area. So, for confident surfers, they’ll probably look for a lot of waves but are rocky, but if if you’re learning to surf, a good idea is to stay away from these and just stay on the sandy beaches. As you can see you can get in trouble when get washed up onto those so it is a good idea to stay away from the rocks.

00:00:49 - Strong winds

Also today we’ve got quite a strong wind blowing as you can see there are lots of wind surfers out to see  out there and we’ve got a really strong offshore breeze. This can be really dangerous because what can happen is your board, when you’re standing up, can blow away back and hit you in the face or on your body. So you wanna really be careful with offshore winds. If you do happen to fall off in an offshore wind that’s really strong, just make sure that you cover your head to keep you safe.

00:01:12 - Rip current

Apart from that we’ve got the rip current. Rip currents are or they can be good or bad. We have a little bit of rip current going out for the Middleton bay here today, great for surfers to get out of the breaking waves if you feel swimming or learning how to surf, you’d probably may want to stay from these conditions. So that’s our tip of the week with Surf and Sun.

We hope you enjoyed this video on how to identify a surfing hazard.  Learn more in any of our amazing surf lesson Middleton!

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