How to put on a legrope - surf tip with Surf & Sun

14 December, 2015

a couple pauses for their surf lessons

Surf tip of the week is "how to put on a legrope".

This surf lesson tip explains as follows:

00:00:15 - The Leg rope

Here’s what I have, behind the back here, we’ve got a leg rope.

00:00:25 - The purpose of leg ropes

A couple of purposes they serve. A couple of years ago they didn’t have leg ropes for their surfboards, surfers used to have to do is to have swim and get their surfboards after being banged off by the water. Today, you know, you’ve got it about six feet away from you so it’s a bit of a safety device and stops you to have to swim as well after your surfboard.

00:00:42 - How to put on a leg rope demonstration

This got to be around your ankle and will demonstrate later. Pretty well, just wrap around your ankle nice and firm and your back foot and your surfboard and you’re all ready to go.

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