How to sit on a surfboard and turn it around

1 January, 1970

how to turn a surfboard surf lesson

Before learning how to stand in your board, turning a surfboard is an important skill. It enables you to sit on your board and turn around quickly so you can get out of trouble OR paddle last minute for a wave. Learning the basics in turning a surfboard becomes a vital part once you are trying to stand on the board. 

Our Surf and Sun surf instructors have been teaching lessons for years now that they already know how important learning how to turn the surfboard is for beginners. In this video, we start off with the catching of the waves while sitting on the board and progresses on the proper way of turning the surfboard. As this video explains how to turn a surf board when sitting on it, you can take notes for you to be able to learn it on your own when you are out in the waters yourself.

Check out the video transcription below:

00:00:15 - Today’s tip of the week with Surf and Sun

Surf tip of the week with Surf and Sun. Today we’re going to look at sitting on a surfboard and turning around on a surfboard ready to catch the wave.

00:00:24 - Sitting on a board

First is when you’re sitting on your board, you’re going to turn around by using your hands and your legs, maybe under water, to turn the board around.

00:00:33 - Board turned around

Once you’ve got the board around, then you’re ready to catch a wave. If one comes at you, hold on to the rails and lean back. And this will stop the wave from pushing you over.

00:00:42 - Ready to catch the wave

Once you’ve turned around and ready to catch the open faced wave or the green wave, you turn your arms and leg around to turn your board facing straight to shore, you’re facing around.

00:00:54 - Catching the wave

As you’re facing towards the shore and the waves are coming closer to you, on to your stomach, start paddling, and away we go Off on a wave as you can see, jumping to your feet, preferably jumping straight to your feet not on to your knees and away you go.

For more exciting surf lessons South Australia information and on how to turn a surfboard, give the team at Surf & Sun Adelaide a call.

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