Which surf board should you choose?

15 December, 2015

surf lesson on surfboard types

In every successful surfing lessons, a knowledge in choosing the right type of surfboard is a must.

Surf board design has changed over the years.

In this video we explore the following types of surfboards:

00:00:15 - McCoy Surfboard

Over we have a McCoy. Jeff McCoy is a world famous shaper. A gentleman who won world titles in many different competitions. He designed this surfboard and this was a reinvention of the original single fin. So it had a big fin but a totally different design from the other surfboards. As you can see through these, a bit of a swallow tail on it, and their quite wide to the tail but narrower on the nose area. These boards are quite thick to the rail area as well, and these all perform really well in some waves at the time.  

00:00:50 - Fish

This is a really user friendly surfboard and this is what they call a fish, and this ideal for smaller waves around the coast. For our Middleton area this are ideally suited, got a quite wide tail on it, also you could see the swallow V tail on it, that’s quite wide and quite pronounce as well. and these sort of boards perform really well in the smaller waves. These sort of design started probably from the twin fins that I was talking about with Mark Richards, then it evolves to having a smaller back fin in them in a trustive configuration. These are great board for the really small waves around some of the coast in Australia.

00:01:26 - Boards for performance surfing

The design of these board is really for high performance surfing. So these are designed for people who are really confident surfers and they wanna be out and have a really manouverable surfboard. Most of the surfboards in this configuration will probably have a rounded, square tails, so leaving it squarer in this, So this is what we call a round or a thumb tail, and this board here, are really design for a really small waves around the coast but a performance surfboard.

00:01:50 - Malibu

This here is a just a 9 foot in length, really wide, a lot of thickness through the board and really really stable. So for those who’d, those people out there that are really struggling in surfing, I guarantee you can get up and going on to one of these. So these are the perfect board for those people that are struggling with getting up on the waves and standing up.

00:02:10 - Gun

And lastly here, we’ve got this particular board as you can see it’s quite narrow through the tail and narrow through the nose and really narrow tail on these board and it’s quite long. These particular surfboards, as supposed to this one with a wider tail and all these other ones, the narrow tail on the board is really designed for bigger waves. So the narrower the tail, the less maneuverability, so it stiffens the board up. So with the configurations with a three fins and a narrow tail, you can pretty well guarantee that this is going to hold in to most waves. The wider the tail, that looser the board and more maneuverable. Once you start pulling in the tail on the surfboard, just makes it a bit stiffer, and hold in the bigger waves a lot better. So as you can see from this one, quite narrow, really pulled in the tail and the nose, and a great surfboard for the bigger waves.

For more information contact our team and you can purchase these types of boards at the Surf & Sun hardware shop.

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