How do I improve my surfing when I am not near the beach?

28 July, 2015

surfing students posing with their surfboards

Although there is no substitute to actual surfing itself, there are many things you can do to improve your surfing when you are not near the beach.

Here are a few ideas to help you keep on top of your surfing game when you can't make it to the beach.

  1. Swim - get in the pool, do laps and sprints, put a kick board between your legs and just use your arms like you are on a surf board. Even paddle your surfboard in a lake if you haven't got access to a pool!
  2. SUP - Stand up Paddle Boarding is a great way to keep in shape, strengthen your core and help you to work on your balance.  If you do not know SUP, Surf and Sun has SUP for hire who will teach you from basic to advance.
  3. Practise popping up. Rather than just doing push ups - put a straight line on the carpet with masking tape OR find a line on tiles and practise popping up and making your feet land on the line. This will help you improve your pop up and keep you in shape.
  4. Keep fit - go to the gym, run, walk. Just do anything that will give you a cardio workout and keep you fit and in shape.
  5. Yoga - this is a great way to keep in shape, strengthen your core and keep you focussed. It is excellent for your flexibility and it is no wonder why so many professionals are doing Yoga now.
  6. Stretching - keep yourself limber and stretching every day.
  7. Trampolines - this is a great way to practise aerial maneuvers and other skills - as well as keeping you fit at the same time.
  8. Skate - carve up the carpark (don't forget your safety gear) or the ramp or bowl. This is great for practising taking the drop and carves.
  9. Surf on line - there are so many resources out there - learn about maneuvers and equipment, surf forecasting and more which will help your surfing experience.
  10. Go to the gym - focus on your core and fitness, resistance training and more.
  11. All in all - the best way is to keep healthy and fit and hit the surf as often as you can.

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