Things to do with kids in The Whale Centre Victor Harbor

15 June, 2015

the whale tail fountain outside The Whale Centre in Victor Harbor

Things to do with kids in the Whale Centre Victor Harbor

The SA Whale Centre is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to whales. The Whale Centre is one of the great places to visit in Victor Harbor with an interpretive centre full of interesting things to do for kids and adults alike.

Whale watching are things to do Victor Harbor is a great activity for the whole family where you can see the amazing Southern Wright Whales from the beach and other vantage points along the coast between June and September.

The history of whales in the Victor region dates back hundreds of years and in the early pioneer days, the whales were killed for their oils and meat.

For many years, the whale sightings were minimal and since whaling was stopped many decades ago, the whales are now back. They breed in the area and nurse their calves, making it an amazing view for tourists.

Victor Harbor has great whale watching tours by boat or you can just check them out from the cliff tops. You can also see the whales just past the surfers at Middleton. It is pretty amazing to do surf lessons in South Australia with whales just hundreds of metres away!

The SA Whale Centre is the perfect place to find out more about Victor Harbor. They offer great interpretive and educational programs for schools and can be a great thing to do for kids while they are in Victor Harbor.

If you would like to see the whales, contact the Whale Centre's hotline at 1900 942 537 or check the Whale Sightings Log.

Make sure you get down to the Fleurieu Peninsula and see the whales this winter - it is a sight you will remember forever. It is definitely worth the drive!


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