All Sweets and Treats

2 May, 2016

All Sweets and Treats lolly shop

While finishing off your list of things to do Victor Harbor you’ll surely come across 'All Sweets and Treats'. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area which is located at Ocean Street. Tasting the best sweets in this area of Victor Harbor will surely take you back to memory lane. Some of the imported treats here are hard to find in the local stores. Make sure to visit All Sweets and Treats even when you are just passing in the Ocean Street. You will never know what tasty treats await you in your visit. 

Visiting places can never be complete without satisfying your taste buds. No matter what age you are, there is something sweet that will surely capture your taste. Bringing along kids on your visit will be more enjoyable. Allow them to experience the “Willy Wonka” like feeling upon their visit to the store. They will surely love the great treats and other imported candies in store for everyone.

All Sweet and Treats specializes in imported and fine local chocolates, lollies and candy. They source the best sweets internationally including US, New Zealand, UK and Europe. They are also able to provide tasty sweets for individual buyer either in store or online.

The store in Ocean Street are manned by professional staff who are more than happy to assist you in choosing treats, design a gift basket, or a lolly buffet for any special occasion. All Sweet and Treats also have a large range of sugar free and diabetic options as well as gluten free options for people who are not fond of getting the health hazards of too much sugar intake.

All Sweet and Treats have a wide range of products. Check out the list below for treats that soothes all sweets lover: 
American Sweets: 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth, DeMet's Turtles, Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Hersheys Cookies and Cream, Hersheys Dark Choc, Jujy Fruits, Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Peanut Butter M+Ms, Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, Reeces Pieces

Australian Sweets: Acid Drops, Almond Milk Rock, Black Jelly Beans, Castlemaine Rock Tins, Choc-Filled Peppermints, Floral Cashells - Bag/s, Floral Cashells - Loose, Musk Cashells - Bag/s, Musk Cashells - Loose, Peanut Brittle, Peppermint Bullseyes, Peppermint Humbugs, Plain Honeycomb, Raspberry Drops, Redbacks - Raspberry and Aniseed, Toffee Apple

English Sweets: Army and Navy, Bird's Custard Powder, Blackcurrant and Licorice, Blancmange, Cadbury Double Decker, Caramac Bar, Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate Lime Lollies, Coconut Mushrooms, English Dolly Mixture, English Jelly Babies, English Licorice Allsorts, English Mars Bar, English Mega Sour, English Midget Gems, Everton Mints, Fox's Glacier Mints, Fruit Salad Gums, Fry's Bars, Galaxy Minstrels

New Zealand Sweets: Cadbury Mini Choc Fish, Cadbury Pinky Bar, Pascalls Pineapple Lumps

Memory Lane: Big Boss Cigars, Big Boss Cigars - Individual, Candy Necklace, Candy Watch, Choo Choo Bars, Choo Choo Bars - Box, Cobbers, Double Dip, Fads, Fruit Sticks, Giant Fizzer Rolls, Golden Nuggets Bubblegum, Licorice Blocks, Love Heart Rolls, Melody Pops, Musk Sticks, Ovalteenies, Pop Rocks Magic Gum, Pop Rocks Popping Candy, Rocky Rock Lollipop, Rosey Apple Lollipops, Sweetworld Lollipops, Umbrella Lollipops, White Knight Bar, Wizz Fizz

Sugar Free: Chilli Cinnamon Dark Chocolate, Country Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Banana, Dark Chocolate with Coconut & Lime, English Assorted Toffee, English Banoffee Pie, English Blackcurrant & Liquorice, English Blackforest Gateaux, English Blackpool Rock, English Choc Raspberry, English Chocolate Eclairs, English Exotic Fruits, English Fruit Chews, English Lemon Meringues, English Liquorice Toffee, English Mint Humbugs and more...

The store also offers assorted chocolates for gift baskets and they also have introduced their new cake decorating range that includes moulds, icing colours and cake toppers.

For more information contact:

All Sweets and Treats
28 Ocean Street - Victor Harbor SA 5211
Ph: 08 8552 5700
Email: [email protected]

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