Life Lessons that Surfing Teaches Us

27 June, 2016

surfing students out in the water

The waters and its waves are much like the everyday challenges we face in our daily lives. Catching the great waves and riding them is an enjoyable activity that everyone must try. The unpredictable nature of the sport is the main reason why surfers keep coming back for more. Everyday spent in the water presents an opportunity to catch better waves.

Your success in learning how to surf can be greatly influenced by your tolerance for risks. Breaking the second thoughts about the challenge and deciding to learn to surf South Australia is a great of an achievement after all. However, before enrolling for the lessons take time to read some personal insights I’ve gained while surfing:

  • Get in the water and go for MORE waves. You won’t catch waves unless you’re in the water. Watching from the shore and imagining the excitement over riding the perfect waves is a hundred percent different from experiencing it yourself. Suit up and go for the waves, submerge yourself with the thrill of riding your first wave. Life will not wait for anyone, start now and go for bigger challenges. Successful or not, the best part will always be about your personal experience and the things you’ve learned from it.
  • Accept the fear; understand and do something about it. Everyone feels the rush of fear once they are in the water and waiting for the wave. The thrill and excitement over your first time surfing the ocean can quickly dissipate once the waves become too harsh for you to take. In life, a lot of things are beyond your control. This is the part where you are reminded that it takes a leap of faith to accomplish great things. You’ll be able to come up with a good ride once you decide not to be bothered by your fear.
  • Your PERFECT wave. Drop the doubt and go for it. Opportunities pass by every day. If you keep missing the beat because of uncertainty and doubt, you’ll just end up on the same spot. Surfing for Dummies might tell you about the elements of a perfect wave to catch but you won’t have it all when you’re out in the ocean. Fight the doubt because nothing in life is guaranteed. A wave can be your perfect wave once you learn to adjust to it accordingly.
  • Enjoy the ride and do it all again. The adrenaline that sets in after riding a wave that makes you think that everything is possible is the feeling that surfers refer to as being “stoked”. Defying your limits and being able to do it over again brings a sense of accomplishment that is hard to replace.

Wipeouts are inevitable. Finding one’s happiness always entails risks. Conquering your fear for taking risks hinders the bigger possibility of achieving your goals in life. Surfers often say that “all it takes is one good wave and you’ll be hooked”. Discover why surfing is one of the greatest natural high in the world by learning the sport. Contact Surf and Sun today for inquiries!

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