Things to Remember When Buying a Surfboard

19 September, 2016

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When you learn how to surf using a rental board or a borrowed surfboard, the next concern that follows is “how well will you be able to surf if you get a new board?” The decision of getting a new board really is a big step for every beginner. It will never be an easy decision, especially if you want to get serious with surfing.

Buying a board starts with the choice between a new surfboard and a second hand board. There are a lot of second hand boards for sale which are still in good condition. The most beneficial thing about buying these boards is the savings that you will be getting. If you have concerns on the prices of a new board, going for a second hand board is the perfect solution. Just keep in mind to inspect the surfboard thoroughly before buying it.

Getting a New Surfboard

The best place to visit when you want an expert’s advice regarding surfboards is the local surf shop in your area. A surfer who surfs in the beaches near your area usually spends time in local surf shops, some store owners are professional surfers too. Asking for the best suited board for the local beaches will help you! Yes you can order boards through the internet but seeing and touching the board personally is very different from viewing numerous photos of surfboards online.

Read the tips below to know the usual things that you need to check when buying a new board:

  • Make sure that the surface of the board is in perfectly mint condition. Dings and other surface imperfections on the surface may have happened during the storage of the board. DO NOT ACCEPT surf boards with dings; a brand new surfboard should have an absolute smooth surface.
  • If you are not yet sure what board to get, ask help from the staff. Getting some extra information about the surf boards they sell will benefit you a lot.
  • Pay in cash if you can. Private surf shops usually give out discounts for customers who pay in cash. Grab that extra savings, after all surf boards can be a bit costly. You can also ask then proactively if there are any deals if you pay it in cash.
  • Buy the accessories you need while at it. Getting the accessories together with the board will get you more savings. Some surf shops even give discounts for the accessories if you buy them with the board.

Custom Shaped Boards

Some surfers want to get a customized board which works for their body frame. This can be a bit costly, but looking for local shapers in your area will help you save a bit. Most surfers with specifications they want applied to their boards have go for custom shaped surfboards because of the limited choices for manufactured boards.

No matter what board you want, it will always be up to you. You will always have the final decision when buying a board. You just need to make sure that your choice will work for you!

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