Family Surfing Guide

3 April, 2017

surf lessons South Australia family

Choices for a fun day out with the kids in Adelaide or in any parts of South Australia will always include learning how to surf. Surf lessons Middleton and in other great beaches is also offered to kids who are very eager to learn it. Getting your family out for surfing is an enjoyable way to spend time and allowing your kids to learn the sport firsthand in the beach is a great start.

What’s the ideal age for kids to go surfing?

Most parents would want their kids to start with a hobby at an early age. For your kids to fully be able to understand the sport, it is ideal to start them with surfing at an early age of 6 or 7. This will be the best age because they will need your assistance in the whole process of learning how to surf. It will be a great way to bond with the children.

When is the best time to surf?

Surfing is a sport that can be done all year long but if you would be taking your whole family for a round of surfing in the beach it will be best if you take them when the water is not too cold. It will be safer to surf in the summer. Also if you haven’t tried surfing, there will be surf schools that offer surf lessons for families where you can enroll the whole family.

Most surf lessons will discuss the necessary things that you need to observe once you and the kids are in the waters. Surf instructors who offer these lessons are trained professionals that you can trust. Your family’s safety and fun will be ensured if you enroll with professional surf schools in Australia.

Waves, tides and the wind

Checking the weather before heading out is the best way to ensure the safety of your family while surfing. The weather is always the deciding factor for your child’s safety in the waters. The waves in the beach may appear harmless to adults but it will be different for kids.

It is important for you to know basic information about the wind and the tides as well. Having the right information of the tide times will help you be safer in the beach. You wouldn’t want to worry about crashing into rocks that are not visible during high tide. If the weather is not that good, there will always be next time. Make your safety the utmost priority. You can always schedule a surfing day out when the weather is nice.

Trying new family activities will always be fun. Surfing as a sport is considered to be an activity that everyone can enjoy. If you eventually want to enjoy a new water activity every time you go to the beach with your family, learning how to surf is the most exciting to do. You can always get lessons from surf schools for the whole family. Learning it with them will even be more fun than learning it alone. Contact us today for our family pack surf lessons!

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