Signs That You Are Using the Wrong Sized Surfboard

29 May, 2017

surf lessons Adelaide signs of wrong sized surfboard

Have you ever felt that the beach and waves seem to invite you every time you pay them a visit? To answer their calling, you signed up for surf lessons Adelaide and the first time you rode a wave it felt exhilarating.  After your surf lessons, then and there and then, you knew that surfing was meant for you. So you went ahead and you purchased a new surfboard because you are excited because your surfing lessons went well. You know the basics and what to do to ride the waves.

The first time you used your surfboard, you thought that maybe you just needed some time to get used to it because riding it seems to be a bit tough compared to your surf lessons . If you have been experiencing this for quite some time now, the problem is not because you did not do great in your surf lessons but you might have the wrong sized surfboard. Here are some ways to tell if your surfboard is the right size for you.

  1. The waves frequently roll under you and your surfboard. Bigger surfboards tend to be more buoyant in the water and chances are your surfboard is too small for you. To get moving down the surface of the waves, you need to catch some speed. Choose a longer and wider surfboard so that you can have enough space to balance your weight. It will help you catch and ride more waves.
  2. Changing directions is a struggle for you. If this is the case, this means that you have a long and bulky surfboard. This prevents you from steering and maneuvering the waves or from anything at all.
  3. You are losing your balance when trying to stand on your surfboard. You know and you have already stood up in a surfboard and doing it with your new surfboard seems to be difficult. This means that your surfboard is too narrow not giving you enough space to balance your weight. You do not have enough room to stabilize.
  4. The surfboard sinks and swamps while you ride the waves. If you are having a hard time gaining speed as you ride the waves, another factor that can be causing this is rockers. You have to choose a surfboard with fewer rockers.
  5. You fall off your board when making some side turns. This is another way your body is telling you that it needs another style of surfing. The technique you are trying to make your body make is not compatible with how you are using your surfboard. It will help if you try another technique and adjust until you make the side turns successfully.

Surfing the waves with the wrong sized surfboard can kill the fun and the good vibes, it’s supposed to give you. If you have been surfing some time now and you are having a hard time seeing no improvements, consider getting a new surfboard and sell the one you have right now. You can also check our blogs for some surfing tips that will help you maximize and enjoy your experience. Read more from our blog!

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