Surfing Tips: Getting a Better Surfing Experience

9 January, 2017

Over the years of attending surf lessons South Australia a lot of surfing tips might have been given to you by numerous instructors. Developing your surfing skills and getting the right gear for the sport is a must for you to become a better surfer. Most of the time, aspiring pro surfers will watch videos of famous surfers to pick on some great board maneuvers in the waters.

If you want to discover some of the advanced know-hows that will help improve your skills in surfing, read the list below:

Get to pick the right wave. Unlike your perception when you first started surfing, waves are NOT ALL THE SAME. You need to learn how to pick the right wave to flawlessly showcase your surf maneuvers. Checking how the wave breaks will give you the idea as to where you need to position your board in the vast waters.

Use your keen observations. The most important aspect that allows a surfer to stay and exhibit great techniques on a surfboard is their ability to observe the waves. Adjusting the body’s weight and successfully gearing the board towards your goal endpoint is a product of being able to carefully observe the waves.

Play by the rules of gravity. For you to gain more speed when you’re riding the waves with your surfboard, all you need to do is to stay low. Slightly bend your knees when standing on your board to maintain a low center of gravity. This position allows you to be more stable atop the board.

Do not be stiff, adjust your feet. When you first learned how to stand up on your surfboard, you probably became hesitant to move your feet so that you won’t fall off the board easily. However, this may have caused your stiff movements. Adjust your foot slowly to easily maneuver the board as you gain speed.

Focus on a goal. Do not be too greedy when you want to improve your skills. Focus on a goal and learn how to do it. There are many surfing techniques that you can learn but allowing yourself to improve one skill at a time is the best way to do it. Other techniques will be much easier to do once you master the basic.

Learn from watching slow motion surfing videos. Watching a lot of surfing videos might have become part of your routine since you want to pick up techniques from professional surfers. The best way to properly observe what they do is to watch surfing videos in slow motion. You can see tiny details, foot movements, body shifts and other actions more clearly. There are always a lot of details that is involved with great surfing maneuvers that you would want to learn.

Surfing attracts a lot of athletes because of its unpredictable nature. You can be a relaxed and laid back surfer or a competitive surfer if you want. Learning the needed set of skills for surfing may require a lot of effort but it will be repaid once your stoked riding the waves. For more surfing tip, read our blog now!

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