Tips In Improving Your Surfing Turns

15 May, 2017

surf lessons Adelaide surfing turn

If you have been surfing for some time now, it is normal to take your surfing techniques to the next level. You may want to look more fast, sharp and impactful to enjoy it even more. The explosive splash of the water as you glide through it means that your surfing is getting better and your moves are getting more profound.

Surf lessons Adelaide can give you some tips on how to improve your surfing turns so you can enjoy surfing the waves even more. Here are some tips that can help you improve your surfing turns:

Keep balancing your weight on your surfboard. The first key to making a superb turn, you have to balance your weight on both legs depending on what turn you are going to pull. For example, you want to turn to your right, make it a snap, before making a kick to your right, support your weight first then give it a hard kick using your back foot. It will shift the weight to your front foot then you can go along the waves smoothly.

Keep your legs flexed. To make astounding turns, you have to keep your knees in a crouching position so it will stay flexed. You have to keep it tucked inwards so that you can maximize the full balance of your weight and change your direction easily.

You have to estimate and control your timing with the waves. One of the common mistakes made by surfers when taking a turn is sliding through the flat part of the wave. When you do this it will affect your take off and speed, you may get stuck. It will be hard for you to make a turn from the bottom part of the wave and you will be forced to make the turn in the next section. Learn to surf Adelaide can help you manage and help you estimate your surfing turns for full surfing satisfaction.

Anticipate your next move. Same like estimating your control and timing with the waves, when you make the turn you have to anticipate the next move you are going to make so that you can keep yourself sliding and surfing the waves. If you do not visualize the next move you are going to make, chances are that the wave will eat you.

You have to turn your head with your body when making the turn. One of the common mistakes made by surfers is looking back when they already made the turn. Sometimes it is because they can’t believe that they made the turn and they want to make sure they did. Keep your focus on the wave because you might lose the turn you just made!

Surfing turns can be quite tricky because you can never predict the waves; you can only go along as it happens. If you believe that you are ready to make that big turn, give it a try! Making a stylish and powerful turn does not just happen in a day; it will take time and patience. If you want help in improving your surfing turns, contact Surf and Sun now and enjoy developing your surfing turns!


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