Where Are The Best Places To Surf In South Australia

25 December, 2017

Surf In South Australia

South Australia's coast line is broken up into three capes, Yorke, Fleurieu and Eyre peninsulas and they feature some of Australia's most pristine beaches and some of SA's top picks for surf tourist destinations as they are suitable for both expert and novice surfers with a number of awesome national parks and campsites, making for a great weekend away.

If you are looking for ideas, below might help you plan your next trip:

1.  Kangaroo Island – A number of good beaches here for surfing! You can drive (4WD) or bus to Cape Jarvis from Adelaide which takes 140 mins and ferry from there to Kangaroo Island takes around 45. These surf breaks can be found on the south and west coast and winter can produce decent size swell on the north side of the island. Vivonne Bay being a good one for all levels. The water the temp is generally cooler here, so full length suits are recommended year round. 

  2. Yorke Peninsula – Located adjacent Kangaroo Island, 3 hour drive from Adelaide, Yorke has its pride for its national parks, and perfect beaches generally suitable only for experienced surfers, always good to bring a surfing buddy or advise someone of your whereabouts. Yorks also has variety of other activities including scuba diving and snorkelling, having earned its credibility as one of the great surfing destinations in Australia.

 3.  Middleton –   Only roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes from Adelaide,  surf lessons Middleton is a favourite tourist destination for those who want to learn the basics of surfing. Offering exceptional learning conditions being one of Australia's safest beaches. There are a number of qualified surf coaches from different surf schools located on the beaches of Middleton, lessons are a great option top help get you kick started, build confidence, avoid learning bad habits and learn to read the waves and conditions to help you stay safe.

 4. Fleurieu Peninsula – This place is home to many recreational events with its lively festivities and parades of attractive carousels.  Sight-seeing of conservation parks, alongside gleaming coastline, surrounded by swooshing rivers that makes the environment fascinating and a pleasurable hiking experience, an exciting place to explore site’s uniqueness as you join in a camping tour escapade or immerse with your friends and be enchanted with the beauty of the countryside. Fleurieu Peninsula is also famous for its number of good surf breaks for novice all through to an intermediate surfer.

 Summer is the perfect time of year top gather your friends and get away for a few weekends. If you need to stock up on any surf gear or fancy getting some lessons contact Surf and Sun now!

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