Give the gift of surfing this year.

10 December, 2019

Luke Talbot-Male

Hi, my name is Luke and I am the owner of Surf & Sun.

Surfing changed my life.  Why not give the gift of surfing this year?

When I was 8 years old, Mum and Dad gave me my first surfboard.  It was a Hot Buttered single fin and about 6ft long.  I loved that board (pictured below)!  My Dad loved surfing and the ocean and surfing became our way to really connect.  As soon as I was standing up on a surfboard, I knew it was the thing for me.  I got the surfing bug straight away.


My initial years learning to surf were at Middleton beach and who would have imagined that we teach surf lessons here everyday now.  Every possible weekend Dad would take me surfing and we would always stay at the Port Elliot Caravan Park every summer too.  I remember buying a Torpedo finger bun from the Port Elliot Bakery and snacking on it all day in between surfs.  I would surf all day for as long as I was allowed too.   These childhood memories are absolutely ingrained in me.  It is so cool to see other families continuing this same tradition to this day now.

Surfing has taken me all over the world. It has provided me with a lifestyle I love and enabled me to live in an area I love.  Nowadays I enjoy nothing more than heading out with my wife and taking our 2 kids down to Middleton beach and helping and watching them enjoy learning to surf just like I did back when I was a little kid. (Nadia and Kai are pictured below)


Learning to Surf provides a lot of new skills and experiences.  How to read the ocean, rips, the weather and waves.  It creates great memories as you surf with friends and/or family.  It provides opportunity re employment, travel, lifestyle and more.  It helps to build confidence and also science shows that being in the ocean really helps with mental health.  The benefits of learning to surf and being at one with nature are undeniable.

I started Surf & Sun back in November 2001, it was a no brainer for me, I loved surfing, the beach, the surfing lifestyle and the adventure.  When we first started it was just me, 8 boards and some wetsuits, I was truly “Livin the dream!”.  Today we have a successful business operating throughout Australia employing over 50 people in 3 time zones.  Was learning to surf a great idea?  I absolutely think it was!

So when you are thinking of what to give a loved one this Christmas, I encourage you to look past the plastic throwaway items and think about giving the experience of surfing.  It might be for your child, niece or nephew.  It might be as an activity for the family to enjoy together.  It might be for a loved one or a good friend.  We believe everyone deserves to experience the surfing lifestyle.  And you never know, Learning to surf might even change your life.

As the proud owner of Surf & Sun, I am still as passionate about sharing the experience of surfing as I was when I started Surf & Sun back in 2001.  I look forward to seeing you down at the beach soon.

To grab a voucher for your friends, family and loved ones, just click here, Book now and follow the prompts.

Here is to “Livin the Dream”

Yours Truly,

Luke Talbot-Male


Surf & Sun

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