6 great surf holiday destinations for winter

1 March, 2022

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Australia’s shores are the meeting point of many unique underwater and weather features. The result is some unparalleled surfing, meeting the expectations of surfers of all levels. And there are many surf camps all over Australia too that not only tutor you in the fundamentals of the sport but also coach you how to level up your skills. And there are no better surfing conditions than in the coming winter ahead!

In this article, we talk about our recommendations on the top surf Australian spots this winter. But before we start, please note that the list is just a basic guide; you will need to do a little more research (plus not a few phone calls) to zero in exactly on the surf spot. After all, not all surf pro’s will easily reveal the location of their mate’s breaks.

But if you do get to locate the surf spot of your dreams, know that safety still comes first. Never forego safety checks on weather and surf conditions, your equipment, and the extent of your skill. Also, lifeguards on the beach would be ideal, but at least try not to surf alone. And with that, as you learn to surf Middleton, its time to widen your options to include those from other states:

1. Exmouth is found in the more warm areas of the Ningaloo Coast. The ideal swells are from July to October. Find gently sloping, beginner-friendly waves at Wobiri. To those looking for more challenge, there is surfers Beach which is very popular in the North West Cape. Also known as Dunes Beach, it is just a short drive from Exmouth. Advanced surfers - well go and explore.

2. Bondi Beach, Sydney So much has been written about surfing in Bondi Beach, but that’s how reliable and popular the waves are. Expert surfers go on to South Bondi, which is known for terrific right-handers. The structure of sandbanks on the beach results in 2 or 3 separate breaks. Every time there is a big swell, more skilled surfers congregate at Ben Buckler.

Tip: Bondi works throughout the year. The best swell direction originates from the south. When the tide is rising at mid-tide, some great surfing is on the way. Hazards include rips, rocks, aside from the crowds, and occasional sharks (usually with advance warning from drone patrols).

3. Byron Bay, NSW Another hot holiday destination is Byron Bay, among NSW’s most well-known coastal towns. It has excellent surfing, and diving sites too. Apparently, humpback whales also winter in the area; they can be seen from vantage viewpoints between June and November.

A wreck site at the north coast acts like a reef break for consistent surf. Remember to keep clear of the wreck. Nearby, there are some great surfing spots for all levels.

4. Noosa, Queensland Noosa is an Australian resort spot on the Sunshine Coast. There is fun surfing here and the Coast is known for sometimes heavy surf. An excellent coastal trail threads north along the beaches of the Noosa National Park, which is the habitat of some koalas. Other points of interest include the Noosa Botanic Gardens.

Tip: Most surfers talk about the North Coast’s Beach. The tide doesn’t affect the quality of the surf, and the waves break in both directions - so keep clear of the local crowds. Keep out for rips, jellyfish, and the usual shark.

5. Gold Coast QLD This area is a certified surf magnet, and seemingly endless waves (when conditions are right) have trained many of Australia's surf legends. It can really get too crowded on some days. Just the same, many swear by the following routine, at least for Snapper Rock: Ride a wave of the outside Snapper takeoff, connect it as far as possible, pick off another from wherever number one fizzles out, and keep connecting waves right through to Coolangatta Beach — then walk (or run) the mile of beach and trail back to Snapper’s jump-off zone just inside the rock line.

A few more super-breaks in the area would be Burleigh Heads, The Alley, and Kirra, plus as many as 19 more known breaks that will challenge different skill levels and patience in waiting for the lineup.

6. 1770 Located at the Southern end of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the coastal towns of Agnes Water and its sister township 1770 offer a pick of activities and holiday ideas: four-wheel drives through ancient coastal national parks, fishing, adventure tours on an amphibious vessel, among others. The two towns are also among the closest points to access the outer area of the Great Barrier Reef. Most of all, the Agnes Water shoreline is 6 kilometers from a surfing beach. Among the wildlife, you may spot (and steer clear of) are white-bellied sea eagles, large schools of fish, and their predators the dolphins. Steer clear too of nesting mother turtles.

Tip: Agnes Water will test your patience, as it may not work sometimes. But luckily you may also find it uncrowded. Summer has optimal surfing conditions, especially when the wind direction is from the southwest, and swells are from the northeast. Keep an eye out for rips, sharks, and jellyfish.

As we end, we also can’t resist sharing that sometimes, the most value-for-money surfing spot this winter is just around the corner! Here in South Australia, winter brings the best surfing in dependable spots like Middleton (great learner waves with many options for Middleton surf lessons, Moana, Long Beach… But that is what will be a long list fit for another article.

Happy Winter surfing!

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