What to look out for when choosing a surf hotel

19 May, 2022

surf hotel

Surf hotels are an important sector of surf tourism. When you're heading to a destination for its waves you want your accommodation to be as close as possible to them. Imagine waking up early in the morning, and you only have to look out the window to check the surf!

On the other hand, surf hotels try to make a bargain between being near good waves, while at the same time having the least impact on the environment and zoning of buildings. Together with the local councils, sustainable surf hotels may have found a way to ensure that the local plant and animal life in their area would not be affected at all by the buildings and wastage. At the same time, the hotels provide employment to the local population and help support businesses in the surrounding area.

When selecting a beach or surf resort, here are some handy things you can check:

- Firstly, check the distance to the local surf spots. The reality is that easy-to-reach surf breaks are usually mobbed in the early morning however it might be worth looking positioning yourself closer to less popular breaks to ensure the most amount of rides.

Try to have a plan B; even before you book, in case the waves are not working at the first break.

Another important (but optional) detail is how close the hotel is to all other amenities, including the airport. You want to maximise your time surfing so cutting down on travel time is a great option.

- If someone in the group wants beginner surfing lessons (like some of our Middleton surf lessons), check if the hotel’s package offer includes the lessons.

- In case you need more guidance on surf conditions, it's an added plus if you can get the best tips from someone at the front desk or from the knowledgeable owner.

- Do not forget to ask about a secure space inside or outside the room to store surfboards, and if the rooms have secure locks and appropriate security. In our case, we offer to those who enquire our surfboard hire Victor Harbor.

- Some other considerations: local cafes for the best coffee after your morning session, or the best bars for an icy cold beverage after your afternoon sessions of course!

And remember, no matter how keen you are to get as many rides in as possible, don't forget your surfing etiquette. Share the waves and don't cut in.

Also, if you get in with the locals you may even get to discover secret surf spots you hadn't heard of before! Good luck and have an awesome surfing holiday!

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