Surfing techniques every surfer needs to know

24 March, 2023

surf safety


Surfing techniques are an important part of learning how to surf. It involves learning the basics of surfing such as how to paddle out to catch a wave, how to duck dive under a wave, how to pop up and ride a wave, and how to do a bottom turn. It also involves learning more advanced moves such as re-entry, floater, hang ten, snaking, and carving. Learning these techniques is essential for becoming a successful surfer and having a safe, enjoyable experience in the water.

1. Paddling: Getting up on your board and paddling out to catch a wave

2. Duck Diving: When a wave is coming towards you, you duck dive under the wave to get out past the breaking point

3. Pop-up: Once you have caught the wave, you pop up to your feet and ride the wave

4. Cutback: When riding a wave, you turn your board back against the wave's direction

5. Bottom Turn: This is the turn you do when you are going down the face of a wave and ready to set up a top turn or re-entry

6. Re-entry: This is a manoeuvre in which you turn sharply off the top of the wave, land on the face of the wave, and then take off again

7. Floater: This is a manoeuvre in which you ride the foam lip of wave and then float above the wave for a short period of time, before going down to the bottom of the wave with the lip

8. Hang Ten: This is a move in which you put all ten toes of your feet off the edge of the board and ride the wave

9. Snaking: This is a manoeuvre in which you pass another surfer by cutting in front of them in order to get the wave - it is BAD!

10. Carve: This is a manoeuvre in which you turn your board sharply to the side while riding a wave.

These surfing techniques are more advanced. Learning the basics such as how to paddle, duck dive, pop up, and do a bottom turn will help them to catch and ride their first wave. As you become more experienced, you can learn more advanced techniques such as re-entry, floater, hang ten, and carving which will help them to become more proficient surfers.

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