Top surfing tips at Middleton

4 January, 2023

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Middleton is one of the most consistent locations in South Australia for introductory surf courses. Middleton Beach is approximately 85km from Adelaide, or just over an hours drive. The surf zone is busy on hot summer days with surfers of all skill levels enjoying the waves, but there is still plenty of room to practice on this long beach.

Wave Type
The type of wave at Middleton is a spilling wave and the breadth of the sandbar makes it a perfect place for practicing and catching whitewater waves. There is plenty of time to stand up and ride waves then roll in slowly and gently to shore.

There are still big waves as you step up, but if you're looking to catch the green waves here, you'll need strong paddling and wave negotiation skills to get out of the waves.

There are some cracks in the beach but the most common are side ledges and surfers should know where they are entering the water and watch their position in the water. Choosing a beginner surfboard is a must before you start surfing. More novice surfers take it for granted.

With strong southerly winds and big waves, the Mid Coast beaches between here and Adelaide offer smoother, easier surfing conditions for kids and beginners alike.

While there are lots of fun things to do in Middleton, you can still have fun in this spectacular location. All you have to do is enjoy every moment and become an explorer.

Best Wind Direction
North East to North West winds.

Good Swell Direction For Fun Beginner Waves
Moderate West swells to small South West to South East swells.

- Rocks, Rip Currents, and Marine Life

The Surf and Sun Team are avid surfers at Middleton Beach and other locations around Adelaide. Following most of these tips will go a long way in helping them organise the surf lessons they offer in the area. Sharing it with everyone can also protect you from the dangers of surfing. If you protect yourself from all possible dangers, you will definitely like this sport more.

We hope that each tip on this list will help you become a better surfer in the future. Grab this board today and start a fun and safe spin on Middleton Beach waves!

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