Team Challenges, Raft Building and Leadership for Schools

Raft building, team challenges, beach olympics and more!

Surf & Sun have developed great experiental challenges and games that are perfect to help students develop their team work and leadership skills.

These skills are vital for life after school when students enter the workforce.

Raft building

Raft building challenges are great fun, they encourage students to think creatively and work together and these are nice things to do with kids Victor Harbor.  The added element of a raft race at the end of the activity pushes the students a little further and makes it a lot of fun.

We normally operate this in Encounter Lakes, Victor Harbor.

Team Challenges

These are great for any park like area.  The challenges focus on communication, problem solving, team work and creative thinking.  They are a lot of fun and students love competing in tribes against their school mates in the "Survivor Challenge".

Beach Olympics

Surf & Sun has a great mini beach olympics.  Students need to come up with their team cheer, compete in the whacky beach games and challenges and work together, think creatively and communicate well under pressure.  It is fun and highlights some life skills that will be valuable for the future.

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