Learn to Surf Middleton

21 June, 2013

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Learn to Surf Lessons Middleton

Some time ago just after starting my job with Surf & Sun, I had my best group surf lesson. I was nervous but also a bit excited to try something new and totally out of my comfort zone.

I took my husband and we headed down to Middleton beach for our surf lesson on a Saturday afternoon. After getting geared up, we did a helpful warm up, went through the basic safety procedures that surfers need to take into account before heading out, followed by demonstrations on how to paddle, get up on the board and other tips on how we could ride a wave and enhance our first ever surfing experience. Then we headed out into the surf.

We had a blast! We both managed to ride a few waves into shore and were so excited that we could even get up on the board let alone stay on it!

Our instructor, Heath, was so knowledgeable and even put us and all the other participants in a prime position to catch waves.

Needless to say we have both been back for more lessons since.

Sorry - no pictures at this stage!!

Dont forget to try surf lessons Middleton

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