Winter Warriors - Surfing South Australia

3 June, 2013

school surf lesson program

So I have been out in the surf today - running an impressive surf lessons South Australia.  It is winter.  Now - most of you are thinking "are you crazy - it's cold!" and in some ways you might be right!

However - with a good wetsuit that could protect you from cold, and when the conditions are good - you will not even feel the cold (well not much).

Today our group (Hi Murray Bridge High School!) was out there for 2 hours - in winter - and although people said it was chilly in the water - they werent coming out cold in the lesson.  The adrenalin is flowing, it is great fun, surfing in winter is still great in South Australia!  In the dead of winter - sometimes you don't stay out as long, however it is definately still do-able.

In SA, Adelaide most people wear a 4/3 suit in winter (compared to a 3/2 or spring suit in summer) and often in winter people wear booties and even a hood - but the big secret is the swell is better, the conditions are generally better and the crowds are great (hardly anyone!).

So - be a winter warrior - dont be afraid - the water is chilly but the Surf & Sun experience takes over and you will hardly feel it!

Go and get wet..... Luke


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