Activities for Fathers and Sons

14 March, 2015

Riding the Wave

8 Cool Activities for Fathers and Sons

South Australia offers great opportunities for fathers to bond with their sons over shared activities.

There are plenty of things to do so you can schedule a one-to-one time with your child/children and show an interest in whatever they are interested in, or perhaps discover new hobbies or sports.  These amazing family activities in Adelaide will surely capture every moments your family deserve.

Follow our suggestions below for 8 cool activities for Fathers and Sons:

1. Goolwa Motor Museum

This museum displays around 46 classic cars from around the world ranging from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.

Car buff or not, you’ll see some cool cars and learn a lot about vehicles.

Find them at 45 Gardiner St, Goolwa. Open Wednesday to Saturday.

2. Surfing

Share surf lessons South Australia with your son. It is one of the best outdoor experience a Dad can have.

It makes you appreciate your environment and the ocean, increases your fitness level and creates a bond.

Surfing is a good energy-burner, and it’s perfect for stress release.  There are also surfing competition that you can join.  This competition will surely enhance your skills and network. You just need to follow the surfing competition rules. Join a surf session with Surf & Sun at multiple locations.

3.  Fishing

Low-cost and fun, casting a line to land the day’s catch is an excellent father-son pastime.

Fishing is cheap to start – of course you can buy the best rods and tackle, but a simple drop line with sinkers and hooks will give kids just as much enjoyment.

Our picks for fun fishing locations are the Port Elliot jetty or Rapid Bay jetty.

4. Sand boarding

Sand boarding is a lot of fun!  Climb up a sand dune and hurtle down racing each other.

Kangaroo Island has sand boarding at Little Sahara if you’re tempted to try and challenge each other on the dunes. 

After sand boarding, the island is great to explore with wildlife-spotting (look for koalas, kangaroos, and sea lions) and there are lots of great beaches.

Head over to Adventures Beyond website to see their value packages that include ferry tickets to and from the island.

5. Aviation Museum

Situated at Port Adelaide, the Aviation Museum is a fantastic outing for fathers and sons if you are staying or stopping over in Adelaide.

There are lots of planes and memorabilia, with some planes allowing cockpit access so your kids can pretend to be pilots.

6. Cycling

South Australia is a brilliant place for cycle excursions.  From well-marked cycle pathways in Adelaide City, to less-visited tracks through countryside, you can’t beat pedal power as a bonding activity.

Rent some bikes from Fleurieu Adventures and get riding!

7. Naracoorte Caves

If you have a child who is a budding archaeologist, head for the Naracoorte Caves. 

The cave is South Australian’s only UNESCO-listed World Heritage site, with fossils half a million years old.

There are plenty of underground adventures including caving, crawling or visit a ‘Bat Cave’ and pretend you’re in Batman’s lair.

8. Paddle boarding

A nice way to see the local beaches and waterways, paddle boarding is an excellent way to encourage children to get out there and get active.

The Fleurieu Peninsula has an abundance of locations with calm waters that are ideal for beginners.  Contact Adventures Beyond for board hire.

General Tips

While we promote the concept of family time, we believe that safety is paramount when enjoying the outdoors together.  We recommend considering the following for your ‘father-son activity’ packing list so you can focus on spending time together:

- Personal Flotation Devices for any water sports

- Sunscreen

- Mosquito repellent

- Hats

- Appropriate footwear

- Change of clothes

- Water and snacks

- Camera


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