How to do a re-entry with Surf & Sun

15 December, 2015

reo or re entry surfing lesson

Check out this video on how to do a re-entry in surfing. We will be teaching you the proper ways in successfully doing a re-entry. Get your pen and paper to take important reminders. This tutorial video will also show you the proper way of maneuvers for a re-entry.

We always have students who want to know the secret of being able to perform this hard surfing move and we have created this video to help them. Doing a re-entry is considered to be an advanced surfing move that you do after a bottom turn but with the help of this video you’ll be able to master it in no time. Watch this video now and discover the things you need to do in order for you to enjoy this hard skill.

This is an advanced surfing move that you do after a bottom turn. You drive hard off the bottom and rotation is the key to bringing your board from a vertical position to facing back down the wave again. Drive off the bottom, arms up high, rotation is the key.

Learn to surf South Australia with Gary Haworth, our Manager and 7x State Champion.


00:00:15 - Welcome to Surf and Sun tip of the week

Welcome to the tip of the week with Surf and Sun.

00:00:18 - Surfing re entry

Today we are going to look at the re entry.

00:00:27 - Re entry description

The re entry is one of more vast maneuvers once you get in surfing, one of the key elements in good surfing. With the re entry, you want to come off from the bottom, hitting up towards the top of the wave, and projecting out in the line.


00:00:34 - The key element for re entry

Coming off from the bottom is the key element in doing a good re entry. You drive enough speed to the bottom and getting up on the waves line turning your arms up high traject towards the lift, trying to get your surfboard above the lift at the right time, rotating that time again. Once again coming off from the bottom then projecting to the top of the wave, arms up high and bring it back down.

00:00:54 - Rotations

Rotation is the key to bring it up and down again, after you come from the bottom and hit the lip.

00:01:00 - One of the special maneuvers in surfing

Re entry is a way that most special maneuvers in surfing that can get you the ultimate feeling, just like riding a trim as you hit the top of the wave and the spray flies off the back of it.


00:01:11 - Once again, the key elements in re entry

Once again, the re entry key elements, driving off the bottom, arms up high, and away we go.


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