How to catch a green faced wave

15 December, 2015

catching a green faced wave in surf lessons

Find the surfing holy grail - the tube.

To catch a green faced wave, you need to pop up quickly to your feet, arms wide, feet firmly planted on the board.

From here you need to bend your knees, do a bottom turn and then surf along the green face of the wave.

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00:00:15 - Welcome to Surf tip of the week

Welcome to surfing tip of the week with Surf and Sun

00:00:20 - Vast surfing technique to catch the green wave

Today we’re gonna look at a vast technique in surfing with a green faced wave, and also riding a trim or what we call a barrel.

00:00:27 - Using your ability and upper body strength

With this type of surfing, types to use are practice, working on your ability and to strengthen your upper body to pedal through the waves really hard.

00:00:35 - Surfing’s holy grail

Once you catch these waves, you’ll find surfings holy grail as you go in the trim, your ultimate reward

00:00:42 - Surfing’s ultimate reward

You need to pedal in these waves really quickly, jumping to the board, arms wide, knees bent, lower your head with the elusive barrel, surfing’s ultimate reward.


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