How to do a cutback - surf lessons Victor Harbor

15 December, 2015

cutback surf lessons in Middleton

Check out this video on how to do a cutback in surfing.

00:00:15 - Welcome to surf tip of the week

Welcome to surf tip of the week with Surf and Sun. Today we’re going to look at the cut back.


00:00:21 - Cutback description

The cut back is one of the key maneuvers in surfing which is imperative for good surfing performance.


00:00:28 - How to do the cut back

With the cut back, you want to come off  the bottom and with your hand and your head, using your hand and your head to turn in lane, which is the focus of your maneuver, Keeping your hand up high, arm is outstretched, and as you’re coming through the wave leaning into it and following you hand and your head until your arms come around. Off the bottom, hand and head, and into the cutback.


00:00:53 - Different variations

There are many different variations of the cut back, depending on the power of the wave and how big the wave is.

00:00:58 - Key elements of doing cut back

But the key elements of doing the cut back are all the same, using your hand and your head to laid and back into the wave again. The variations of this is you can rebound off the water once you get better at surfing. That’s the key element in surfing, the cutback.

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