How to do a bottom turn - Surf lessons with Surf & Sun

15 December, 2015

bottom turn surf lessons

The bottom turn is one of the most important surfing manouvres that you need to master especially if you are planning to do surf Lessons Adelaide.

The bottom turn sets you up for all your manouvres including floaters, re-entry, barrells, airs etc.

The bottom turn should be done as follows:

00:00:15 - Welcome to surf tip of the week

Welcome to surf tip of the week with Surf and Sun. Today we’re going to look at one of the key elements of great surfing, is the bottom turn.

00:00:21 - The bottom turn description

With a good bottom turn, it will set you up with all of your maneuvers, and achieve getting to the waves and set yourself up for big turns. Coming up from the bottom

00:00:33 - How to do the bottom turn

Coming off the bottom, you want to bend your knees, hand in the wave, and it’ll set you up to come straight to the top. Once again from the bottom, hand touching the face of the wave and off the top.

00:00:45 - The key element of the bottom turn

The key element to these is to make sure you bend your knees and get nice and low as you come off the bottom, driving right up from the bottom of the wave and straight up to the top.

00:00:55 - Key elements in surfing for all weather conditions

The key elements in surfing for all the weather conditions is the bottom turn. And this is going to be the key to your success, is setting yourself up to many maneuvers to come.

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