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15 December, 2015

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Surfing has its own language.  There is a lot of surf lingo and the parts of the surfboard are the same.

In this episode, we discussed the parts of the surf board as explained in our Middleton Surf School:

00:00:15 - Gary talking about today’s lesson

Hi everybody this is Gary from Surf and Sun, today we’re gonna go through some designs of surfboards. We’re going to look at the different boards that we have out there from the soft boards to the conventional surfboards. We’re gonna talk about a little bit of town signs in the fins and fin systems as well.

00:00:30 - Different variations

So behind me, we’ve got different variations, and the surfboards that we use in our surfing lessons.

00:00:35 - Soft boards

So from here, what we’re going to talk about first of all is this. This is the surfboard that we are using on our surfing lessons on a daily basis. This particular board, they’re like bigger bulky board really. They are nice and soft, soft rails and got a soft bottom on them and the fins are nice and flexible as well.

00:00:55 - Parts of the Surfboard

So to give you the different areas of your surfboard. The different areas of surfboards is, in here, we’ve got the tail of the surfboard, we’ve got nose of the surfboard, the bottom as you can see through here, the bottom of the surfboard, nothing scientific about that. And the top of the surfboard which we call the deck, which is pretty like of a boat or a ship, we have a deck on a surfboard as well.

00:01:16 - Thick boards versus thin boards

With surfboard design, this particular surfboards that we’re using in our surfing lessons are quite thick through the rail area, and the reason we’re after thick rails is for stability of the surfboard. The professional surfers’ surfboards are quite thin through the rail area to give them maneuverability and they want to be able to turn their surfboards.

00:01:34 - What to look for beginner surfboards

And what we are looking for a beginner surfers and starting to surf is a board that’s going to be nice and stable under their feet.

00:01:51 - The Leg rope

Here’s what I have, behind the back here, we’ve got a leg rope.

00:02:00 - The purpose of leg ropes

A couple of purposes they serve. A couple of years ago they didn’t have leg ropes for their surfboards, surfers used to have to do, is to have swim and get their surfboards after being banged off by the water. Today, you know, you’ve got it about six feet away from you so it’s a bit of a safety device and stops you to have to swim as well after your surfboard.

00:02:16 - How to put on a leg rope demonstration

This got to be around your ankle and will demonstrate later. Pretty well, just wrap around your ankle nice and firm and your back foot and your surfboard and you’re all ready to go.

00:02:28 - Fins of the surfboard

And last but not the least, we’ve got the fin of the surfboard. The configuration we use for most of the surfboards today is what they call the tri-fin setup.

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