How to choose a wetsuit with Surf & Sun

15 December, 2015

surfers posing with their wetsuit hired in Surf and Sun

Our affordable Middleton surf shop has a range of wetsuits available for hire and for purchase.

Check out this video from Surf & Sun to learn how you can choose the best wetsuit for you!

00:00:15 - full range of wetsuits

On the left down here, we got our full range of wetsuits. So we’ve got kids suits. In here, all range of sizes from size 6 to size 16, so we’ve got kids suits. In here, all range of sizes from size 6 to size 16, and the Men’s suits from the extra small all the way to extra large. So we’ve got the full range of wetsuits in store here, ready to get you out into the water.

00:00:36 - Erin, model for today

And we have Erin down here, who’s been our model for today. So she kindly donated her time to show you how wetsuits are supposed to fit.

00:00:45 - How wetsuits are supposed to fit

So when you’ve got a wetsuit on, you want to make sure that the arms and legs are just around about the wrist and ankle length as you can see with erin here, perfect size around there. If you want to turn around for me Erin.

00:00:55 - Back of the wet suit

Around the back of the wetsuit, just want to make sure that you were able to grab it, a little bit of room in there so it’s not too tight.

00:01:00 - Around the Arms

And just around the arms here, can you just put you arm up?, just a little bit of room underneath the arms. You don’t want the wetsuit pulling in or being too tight because that might cost rashing.

00:01:09 - Fitting recap

Just a little bit of room under the arms here, length around about the calfs and your ankles and away you go and ready to go.

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