How to choose a surfboard with Surf & Sun surf shop

15 December, 2015

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Choosing the right surfboard can be a minefield if you don't know what to look for.

Here are a few pointers on choosing surfboards.

00:00:15 - Surf and Sun shop for surfboards

We’re just in the Surf and Sun shop this morning and we’re gonna look at some surfboards.

00:00:20 - When picking a surfboard

When you’re picking a surfboard, you want to look at the different range that is available inside the shop and depending on your ability, and also your height and weight. That’s also is what you need to account for when you’re looking at a surfboard.

00:00:32 - Fiberglass surfboard

Just in front of me here, we’ve got a couple of surfboards which are fiberglass, and the height of construction is fiberglass and fiberglass fins. This is good for intermediate and advanced surfers that have been surfing for a while. And a bigger board here which you just use for bigger waves or someone that’s a little bit bigger.

00:00:46 - 3 different types of surfboards

And behind me here we’ve got the 3 different type of surfboards that we sell in the shop.

00:00:50 - 6 footer surfboard

We’ve got this one here, which is the 6 foot 6 fish, great for those intermediate surfers who are still looking a ;little bit of performance but a bit of paddleability too, surfboards that are easy to paddle.

00:01:01 - 7 footer surfboard

From there we’ve got the 7 footer. A little bit longer and again mostly for all the intermediate type of surfers are gonna go for something like this before they enter the next stage.

00:01:91 - 8 footer surfboard

And the one behind that is an 8 footer. These ones here are ideal for people learning how to surf and just getting into the water. All of these boards got a thick rows and their nice and stable, great for learning how to surf.

For more information, you can always visit our cheap Middleton surf shop. Also see you at surf school South Australia.

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