How to do a floater | surf tip with Surf & Sun December 15, 2015

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Have you been wondering what a floater is? Check out this video from Surf and Sun to find out.

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00:00:15 - Welcome to Surf and Sun tip of the week

Welcome to surf tip of the week with Surf and Sun.

00:00:18 - Today’s tip

Today’s tip is how to do a floater.


00:00:22 - Floater description

A floater is when you float at the lip of the wave, and then laying down at the base of the wave. Like so.


00:00:28 - How to do a Floater

It’s an advance technique, where you need to get a lot of speed, need to get a nice bend and turn, lift your body up, float and down again. Takes a lot of practice but the feeling is unbelievable. So again, you got to race, get a lot of speed, need to go along with the lip, and float along it.

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