How to ride and trim along a wave - surfing tips with Surf & Sun

14 December, 2015

a man with his surfboard in seaside

Taking your surfing to the next level?

If you are catching waves and standing up, now it is time to ride along or trim along the wave.

Here are the surf lessons Middleton and Moana:

00:00:15 - Welcome to Sun and Surf’s tip of the week

Welcome to the Surf tip of the week with Surf and Sun. Today we’re gonna talk about one of the key fundamentals in surfing, which is traversing or trimming across the green faced wave or white water.

00:0028 - The key

When you first start surfing will be probably traversing across the white water leading into a green faced wave. The key with this is to keep your knees bent, arms high, the nice wide stance for stability, and turning in the direction you wanna go using your arm and your hand which will which were laid, and your body and board should follow.

00:0048 - Wide stance

The key with this is making sure that your stance is wide, you’ll lean in to your turn which way you wanna go whether it’s on your forehand or on your back hand and leaning or turning into the wave when you go on the wave.

00:01:00 - Traversing

With this particular maneuver, traversing is very important for your future surfing and future development as this will laid the situations where you’ll be able to use the same technique with your hand in head leaning to pull into tubes, and also for doing maneuvers.

00:01:17 -Vital importance

So a vital importance is keeping that wide stance, keeping those knees bent and your arm high, and it will help you traverse whether will it be left or right into the open wave.

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