How to lie on a surfboard - surf tip with Surf & Sun

14 December, 2015

how to lie on surfboard surf lesson

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Positioning on a surfboard makes a huge difference to catching waves, standing up and the speed you can generate on the wave.

Here are a few tips for your surfing - how to lie on a surf board:

00:00:15 - How to position yourself

What we wanna do is we wanna lie with our toes just leaning over the tail of the surfboard and we want our chest in line with the middle of the surfboard.

00:00:30 - Being too far forward

If you’re too far forward on the surfboard what’s gonna happen? Who did nose dives earlier today? Is it fun? No, nose diving isn’t fun. You’ll get a mouth full of water and your board gonna go on top of you.

00:00:45 - Being too far back

If you’re too far back what’s gonna happen there? Pulling over is gonna be a really hard catching waves if you’re too far back on the board.

We hope you enjoyed these how to surf tips.

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