How to stand on a surfboard | Surf & Sun

14 December, 2015

standing on a surfboard surf lesson

Check out this video on how to stand on a surf board.  These surf lesson tips are brought to you by Surf & Sun, South Australia's leading surf school.

Here are the tips:

00:00:15 - Gary demonstrating the stance

What you wanna do is to have a nice wide stance, keep our knees bent, arms up high and away we go.

00:00:23 - When you learn how to surf

Back on in (can’t understand what he said here). So when you learn how to surf and get better, you can start doing a little bit of waving as well.

00:00:30 - Stance recap

So keep your knees bent, wide stance and just keep your weight standing over your front foot as well.

00:00:34 - Being too far back

If you’re too far back, you’re going to fall off so you want to keep that weight nice and steady on the board.

We hope you enjoyed this informative surf lesson tip with Surf & Sun.

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