How to choose a beginner surfboard - surf lessons with Surf & Sun

15 December, 2015

a man happy for his beginner surfboard surfing lesson

How to choose a beginner surfboard.

Here are some tips on sizes, surf board construction, types of soft surfboards and more.

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00:00:15 - Welcome to Surf and Sun

Welcome to Surf and Sun. Today we’re going to talk about beginner surfboards. So behind me we got a full range of boards which we’re gonna go into a more detail in just a second. and we’re going to talk about different sizes out there.

00:00:26 - 6 foot surfboard for kids

Firstly, in front of me here is we have a 6 foot surfboard. All the surfboards that we are gonna look for today are of a soft construction, so I’ve got a nice soft deck in there, I’ve got a soft bottom. The fins on the bottom of the board are nice and soft and flexible too., and the rows on all of these boards are quiet. They can get all nice and stable for all the surfers. So we have a 6 foot perfect for the younger kids and starting to surf

00:00:48 - 7 foot surfboard for the intermediate surfers

Next one up is we’ve got a 7 footer, which is great for the intermediate type surfers or some of the kids that want a little bit bigger board.

00:00:54 - 8 foot mid-range surfboard, used for most lessons

From here, we got an 8 foot surfboard, which is use for most of our amazing surf lessons. Most surfers will be hopping on to one of these, and these are all great mid-range board. Size-wise, 8 foot is the ideal for making it easier to catch the waves.

00:01:06 - 9 foot surfboard

And from there we go to 9 foot surfboards. These ones here are used for, I guess, some of the bigger people out there, and also for people that are struggling to get on to waves. And that’s our full range of surfboards, ranges from 6 to 9 foot.

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