South Australian Surf state titles 2015 results

15 May, 2015

Surfing the Waves


Saturday, May 8th saw SA's best surfers compete in clean overhead 4ft waves at Middleton Beach for the 2015 Coopers SA Open State Titles . With high scoring rides and a freak injury to a surfer, it was an action-packed day on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Competitors were greeted with solid lines and sunny conditions (albeit cold) for the first round of the Open Men's Division where things were rolling along smoothly, until young surfer Lachlan Schultz suffered what turned out to be a broken leg after landing awkwardly on one of his waves.

As the day progressed, the top seeds turned up the level of surfing with south coast surfers Max Longhurst and Khai Adams posting some high scores with their progressive power surfing.

The Open Women's final was hotly contested by Australian Under 18 Champion, Tayla Hanak and 2014 female Surfer Of The Year, Ellie Francis battling it out for the title of Women's Champion with Tayla opting for the rights while Ellie focused on the lefts which eventually gave her the nod in a close final.

Not to be outdone, the Open Men's Final raised the bar again with both Khai and Max putting on a dynamic display of modern surfing with multiple rides in the excellent 8-9 point range. In the end it was Khai Adams (16.3) who narrowly defeated Max Longhurst (16.23) in a result which could have gone either way.

Final State Title results were:

Results- Coopers SA Open 2013:

Open Men: 
1st Khai Adams 16.3, 2. Max Longhurst 16.23, 3. Mitch Imgraben 10.04, 4. Gary Haworth 7.6

Open Women: 
1. Ellie Francis 9.67, 2. Tayla Hanak 9.4, 3. Cheryl Peat 4.53, 4. Yasmin Hardy 2.8, 5. Maddy Warner 2.6

Over 40: 
1. Luke Horlin-Smith 14.67, 2. Grant Stocker 12.5, 3 Vance Gordan 9.86, 4. Craig Potgieter 8.9

Over 35 Women: 
1. Cheryl Peat 8.33, 2. Carita Strengell 8.24, 3. Ericka Oemcke 1.5

Over 45: 
1. Gary Haworth 14.43, 2. Scott Stevenson 11.17

Over 50: 
1. Scott Stvenson 13.33, 2.James Bryant 9.17, 3. Mark Longhurst 7.07, 4. Alan Bruse 5.8, 5. Simon Coote 5.2

Over 55: 
1. Roger Matthews 11.66 2. Ray Palmer 8.36, 3. James Bryant 6.83 4. Tim Hoile 4.77, 5. Simon Coote 2.0

1. Daniel Poulson 7.93; 2. Jake Handcroft 7.16; 3. Phil Arthur 4.8; 4. Max Simionato 2.67; 5. Simon Coote 2.5

Pics of Ellie Francis & Khai Adams courtesy of ROGER FOSTER & PHOTOGRAFFIX

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