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24 May, 2015

poster for Tim Winton's Breath

In a small coastal town, two teenage boys in search of excitement and their own identity, form an unlikely friendship with an older surfer. He pushes them physically and emotionally beyond the boundaries of fear. These risks will have a lasting impact on their lives. Based on Tim Winton's bestselling novel.

Are you a 15-16 year old teenage boy that can surf, loves the ocean and would like to go on an unbelievable adventure? 

Now is your chance to appear on a movie! Be on your best and audition for a role in Simon Baker’s new movie with the working title “Breath”. The casting agent is looking for a teenage boy who has passion for surfing. Take the challenge of auditioning for the role and learn tons of things through this once in a lifetime experience.

Want to see the movie come alive with you starring on it? We were contacted by a casting agent this week to see if we knew of any teenage boys that would like to audition for the feature film that will be directed by "The Mentalist" star, Simon Baker. We dare you to audition for the movie. No need to worry if you don’t have an acting experience. Make your dreams come true, take the first step now!

The movie is based on a book by Tim Winton which is a story following 2 thrill seeking teenage boys that form an unlikely bond with a reclusive older surfer called Baker.  The script is penned bt screenwriter Gerard Lee.


The boys need to have strong surfing or body boarding skills but no acting experience is necessary.

Barrett Casting is looking for two boys 15-16yrs to play the lead roles in a movie adaptation of Tim Winton's BREATH. No acting experience necessary but you need to have strong surfing/body boarding skills. For info and to upload an audition, please visit:

So if you can surf, you are looking to try out for an unbelievable adventure and maybe score the opportunity of a life time then do an audition!

In regards to auditions it is not as bad as you think.  As a young person I did a few auditions, it is actually good fun and gives you a story to tell and you just never know - it might even change your life!

Click on the link above to find out more.

See you in the water and take surf lessons South Australia (OR ON THE BIG SCREEN!)


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