Surfing with Whales in Victor Harbor SA!

11 August, 2015

Ellie Francis during the Surfing SA state titles

Victor Harbor has a lot of cool things to do, there is whale watching in the winter or you can try walking up the Bluff or around Granite Island for a bit of exercise with awesome views.

Ever thought about surfing on holiday at Victor Harbor? Victor Harbor itself has a few surf breaks - but most only work when the surf is big. There are novelty spots like in front of the Anchorage Hotel or in front of Yilkes store and other places when the swell is huge. On smaller days for very experienced surfers there is Petrel cove, although please beware as many people have lost their life at this beach getting caught in rips.

There is a cool little island called Wright Island which is 1 hectare in size and located in Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor, South Australia. It has a beautiful little beach and is only inhabited by bird life. It is named after William Wright who headed up the whaling operations in the 1800's. The island used to have a little penguin colony, however now this colony is extinct.

There is a surf break for experienced surfers only between Wright Island and the Bluff called Shark Alley, this spot got its name as the whalers used to tether the whale carcases off of a rock on Wright island while they got the whale meat etc - the offal attracted many sharks and although they do not do whaling here any more and shark sightings are rare - the name still remains. The rare opportunity to get a glimpse of some whales while you are surfing brings a lot of tourists to the area and is one of the attractions which get some surfers more curious of the waters

So although there are a few surf breaks in Victor Harbor itself, they are best left to the experts. Your best bet for learning to surf in Victor Harbor is to enroll for surf lessons Middleton where there are nice beach breaks suitable for everyone. Most professional surfers who visit Victor Harbor despite its few surf breaks actually enjoy the unique challenge of getting caught up with the hard waters. The challenge it presents tests not just a surfer’s skills but his patience as well. Most surfers agree that waiting for the surf break makes the ride a worthwhile one. There are also other areas in Victor Harbor where you can enjoy surfing.

For more information on surfing in Victor Harbor, please feel free to contact the Surf & Sun team.

Who is in this photo? Our very own surf coach Ellie Francis - photo is from the Surfing SA state titles - courtesy of

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