Goolwa Surf Lessons: How to Make Surfing More Enjoyable

26 December, 2016

Goolwa Surf Lessons

Getting bored of stuff that you usually love to do is a normal reaction if you keep on doing the things in a routine manner. If you find yourself in the middle of boredom, take a step back and evaluate the reason why you are no longer having fun. When you took Goolwa surf lessons, the hype and excitement to properly maneuver the board was probably what’s giving you the stoked feeling. The numerous wipeouts and falls were feeding your excitement and that was what keeps you going.

When your feeling for the sport suddenly flats out, what do you need to do in order to rekindle it? Here are some tips that Surf & Sun wants to share to you:

  • Surf on a different beach. Try different scenery. Learn how to surf in other places. If you’ve been visiting a particular beach, you are probably exhausted of the seeing the same scenery that even almost all locals know your name. Go on a surf trip once or twice a month to a different location. It does not need to be outside of the country, Australia has a lot of different beaches where you can surf.
  • Make yourself miss the sport. Spend more time outside the water but keep your body fit by doing your regular exercise routines. If you think you’ve spent enough time away from the waters, surf and remind yourself of the feeling. Discover that feeling when you can surf again after a long time of not doing so.
  • Participate in other activities. The local surfing club that you are currently affiliated with might have other activities that might distract you from your boredom. If you don’t have a surfing club, now’s the time for you to join one. Some surf clubs organize coastal cleanups and surf training lessons that will keep you busy at the moment. Occupy your time with other activities.
  • Teach a friend how to surf. Introduce the sport to other people. If you have a friend who is willing to try surfing, you can teach him yourself. Get them engaged to the sport that has you hooked for years. You might not be a professional surf instructor but this might just be a way for you to find out if you can also try that career.
  • Get a sports camera and film yourself. You can also try to film yourself to help you identify the weak points of your skills. It’s the best way to keep your mind away from boredom and reminding yourself that you still have a lot of improving to do.

It will be normal to get burned out and not feel stoked after some time. You might even encounter some problems while trying to improve your skills but nevertheless you just need to remind yourself what made you love surfing. There are a lot of things that this sport can teach you and it’s not just about being fit and healthy. Surfing can also teach more about life, read this article from our blog now!

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