How to Improve Your Surfing?

11 July, 2016

learn to surf South Australia

Watching videos and footages of pro surfers giving it a go with the waves and successfully completing difficult routines makes you want to convince yourself that you too can do it. The commitment to improve your surfing must start today and should not be put off again. Spending time in the water and having access to the right surfing equipment are just some of the things you need. Your body must also be fit for the training that you need to do, having optimum surfing fitness is an important factor to consider when you want to improve your skills.

Aside from the above mentioned factors, you can also improve your surfing by following these tips:

  • Attend surfing lessons. If you want to surf like a pro, you should also learn from the pro. There is no shame in enrolling yourself to surf lessons. The fundamentals and basic know-hows in surfing will keep you from doing the most common mistakes that you might have been doing before. Surf Lessons South Australia from Surf and Sun offers surfing lessons for beginners and advanced learners. The fastest way to improve your surfing skills is to enroll for a lesson now.
  • Do not STOP, challenge yourself. Starting it small and improving gradually is a great way to advance with your surfing. Master the simple beach break first, and then challenge yourself to take the next level. Paddling in and out of the water will naturally allow you to know the anatomy of its waves. Facilitating the continuous learning and improvement of your skills will make you maneuver the waves with speed.
  • Try surfing around. Learn to adjust to your surroundings by trying different and unfamiliar breaks. Experiencing new breaks will teach you how to adjust your surfing style. Look for spots with fast and steep waves and learn how you can safely maneuver through these conditions. A surfing mate familiar with the conditions on spots like this can help you out when surfing around.
  • Get on a surf trip. Elevate your surfing with an experience of surfing in a not so crowded beach. Look for a good surfing spot and go for a surf trip. You skill will surely improve once you get to a place with great waves and less disturbance. Catch a lot of waves, surf to your hearts content and notice how well your muscles have adjusted and improved.
  • Ask help from a coach. Hiring professional instructors or even the one-to-one learning sessions offered by surf schools is also a great option to take when you want to take the improvement of your surfing skills seriously. A surf coach will help monitor your progress. He can aid you in improving your technique by pointing out the areas where you can mostly develop. Your wave selection can also be improved when you hire a coach. Closely monitoring your surfing with a video clip is one of their strategies to fully analyze your surfing.

You can try a lot of things to improve your skills but don’t forget that you also need to have fun while doing it. If you want to ask help from professional surfers and coaches, contact Surf and Sun now!

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